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  • Pricing
    Prices start at $80 per session. Pricing varies depending on size, age and density of tattoo. Pricing will be discussed with your laser technician at initial consultation or alternatively please call/ text 0404813300.
  • Do we remove microblading (eyebrow tattoos)?
    Yes we do! We complete this removal regularly so you are in safe hands.
  • How does tattoo removal work and is it effective?
    Laser tattoo removal uses pulses of light energy to break down tattoo ink. Over time, the immune system absorbs and eliminates the fragmented ink particles. It's the most effective method for tattoo removal without scarring.
  • Does tattoo removal hurt and how is pain minimized?
    Tattoo removal can be somewhat uncomfortable, but the process is remarkably fast. To help minimize discomfort and maintain a cool environment before laser removal, we take measures to significantly cool the tattoo area. This cooling process not only reduces pain but also makes the whole process more comfortable. For those who are particularly concerned about pain, we highly recommend the use of numbing cream, which is exceptionally effective. Generously apply the numbing cream to the designated area (approximately 1-1.5hours before session) and securely wrap it in cling wrap for your technician to remove. Don't hesitate to inquire about our technician's recommended numbing creams to ensure your treatment goes smoothly!'
  • How long does tattoo removal take?
    The duration depends on various factors like tattoo size, age, and density. Each treatment session lasts a few seconds to a few minutes, and multiple sessions may be needed.
  • Are there any preparations before treatment?
    If your tattoo is hairy, please shave the area. Stay hydrated and have a meal before your appointment. Children must be old enough to wait in the reception area.
  • What is the aftercare like?
    Your technician will provide detailed instructions during and after your appointment. Avoid swimming, soaking, saunas, and sun exposure until the tattoo is fully healed (usually 1-2 weeks).
  • How long should I wait before getting a new tattoo on the treated area?
    It's generally recommended to wait 6-8 weeks after the final removal treatment. Consult with your technician before scheduling a cover-up tattoo.
  • Can I tan during the removal process?
    Avoid excessive tanning and applying fake tan to the treated area throughout the process. Wait three weeks after fake tan application before treatment.
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